Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Come what may and Love it.

These two crazy chicks are great and take care of all my vinyl needs. A few months back I over heard the first chick saying she wanted a "Come what may and love it" quote put up on her wall coming down the stairs. Perfect, I want one too. The first one they cut was too small for the space I was going to put it, so she cut me another one. They are great, I can say enough about these two.
Now my only problem I face was how in the world do I put it up. My ladder isn't one of those fancy kind that can contort in a variety of shapes and sizes. So I had to think outside the box. A Box! That's it! I knew having a my food storage would come in handy.

So very carefully I climbed on up, adhered the vinyl and admired my happy saying.

Isn't it the perfect pep talk anyone can get before they head out and face the world?

I hope you don't mind the photography, my 3 year old was the only one home to take these pics.

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