Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sneak peak

Here's a little peep show for our up coming birthday party at our house. Finding gold Easter eggs online wasn't cheap so I found plastic eggs at my local thrift store and gold spray paint look just as good. Stay tuned to see how we use these little cuties.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Christmas in July

Our annual trip is almost coming to a close. It's been hard to pick our favorite thing so far. But if you ask the kids, it would probably be our Christmas in July night. All the kids re enact the nativity from Luke 2. With only 4 kids this year, we were short a Mary, but nana stepped in to fill the roll. We then have a gift exchange. The adults do a nice white elephant gift exchange. The kids buy a gift for another cousin and nana and papa give a gift too. But this year, we had a special guest. Santa arrived to give a small gift to each child and it was so fun to see the look in their eyes. Truly the magic of believing. My 7 year old couldn't decide who he was and kept going back and forth. But finally came to the conclusion that he must have been the real thing.